Wellness and Life Coaching

30-60 minute sessions

Coaching is suitable for a client who needs support achieving specific goals in the creation of a healthier, more authentic lifestyle, and to enhance their personal growth. The process is active, solution based; although delving into old belief patterns can extend the need for coaching, at the discretion of the coach and client. In contrast to counseling, coaching allows for making recommendations, and brainstorming solutions and strategies for change in your life. There is an initial assessment to determine goals, but there is no mental health diagnosis.

My approach is based in a strong understanding of holistic mental health, nuero-plasticity and a belief that we all have personal gifts and value that, when tapped into, create abundance. Taking this path to embark on a personal journey takes courage, faith in the process and an unwavering commitment to self.

Personal coaching is private pay only and can be done in person, over the phone or via Skype.

If at anytime during coaching sessions it is determined by this clinician that needs, barriers or symptoms exceed the coaching structure, the clinician will address concerns with the client and a reccomendation for mental health counseling or other appropriate service will be made. Rates are based on time or sliding scale cash pay. Please inquire for details.

“It’s never too late for a new beginning in your life.” -Joyce Meyer

Potential goals for wellness or life coaching

  • Identifying and working with limiting and motivating beliefs to create change

  • Create holistic self-care plan

  • Increasing self-esteem and self-love

  • Changing negative thinking patterns

  • Supporting life transitions

  • Learning Mindfulness to increase daily functioning

  • Processing big emotions in a safe space

  • Increasing effective communication skills

  • Stress management

  • Emotional intimacy in relationships

  • Intuitive eating and understanding food as fuel for well-being.

  • Mindfulness skills for increasing intuition

  • Improving boundaries

  • Psycho-education on assorted topics involving the mind-body connection.

  • Supporting life transitions

  • Improving motivation

  • Emotion identification and processing

  • Increasing intuition

  • Spiritual or existential questioning